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With the new year comes a chance to start fresh and make resolutions.  One popular trend is dry January or abstaining from alcohol for the entire month.  Sound just a little overwhelming?  It doesn’t have to be.

This practice can provide many benefits such as improved mental clarity, increased energy levels, better sleep patterns, and weight loss.  it’s also an opportunity to reset your relationship with alcohol and make progress toward healthier habits.

This also means setting goals to increase energy levels and reduce stress for many.  If you’re considering taking on the challenges of dry January this year, here are some tips on ensuring your success.


4 Tips For A Successful Dry January

Set Realistic Goals

Setting realistic goals is essential for having a successful dry January. Start by asking yourself why you want to participate in dry January and what you hope to gain from it. Do you want more restful nights? Improved focus? Develop healthier habits?

 Knowing your “why” will help keep you motivated throughout the month. Additionally, keep your goals simple and attainable—it may be difficult to give up all forms of alcohol when there are still social events happening so consider moderating your intake instead if that’s what works best for you.

It’s also important to establish boundaries to avoid any temptation or social pressure. If you are attending a gathering where alcohol will be present, be sure to plan ahead by bringing an alternate beverage like sparkling water or an alcohol-free beer.

You can also let your friends know that you are participating in a dry month challenge so that they can support your decision and understand why you may choose not to partake in certain activities or gatherings during this time.

Focusing on smaller goals such as reducing your alcohol intake or avoiding drinking during weekdays will help keep you motivated and give you something achievable to work towards.

Find New Ways to Recharge and Relax

Social events often involve drinking but that doesn’t mean they have to! Make plans ahead of time with friends that don’t involve drinking such as going out for coffee or a movie night and let them know about your goal beforehand so they can support you in sticking with it. Additionally, look into virtual events or activities that are available in your area—many companies are still offering virtual wine tastings or happy hours during this cold and flu season which can be just as fun without the hangover!

When it comes to saying goodbye to booze, it’s helpful to have other activities or drinks at the ready so that you don’t feel deprived or bored. Consider trying out some non-alcoholic cocktails or mocktails, as well as herbal teas and juices. There are plenty of delicious recipes online that can help make Dry January more enjoyable!

The lack of alcohol during this time might leave some people feeling anxious or restless due to the lack of relaxation benefits associated with consuming alcohol at night after work. A great way to counteract these feelings is by finding new ways to relax like yoga, journaling, meditating, or deep breathing exercises before bedtime instead of reaching for a glass of wine or beer as part of your routine.

 Additionally, planning activities throughout the day that will help boost energy levels such as exercise classes or walks outside, can also help offset any feelings associated with missing out on happy hours with friends throughout the week.

Take Care Of Yourself

One of the most important things you can do during dry January is to take care of yourself mentally and physically. Make sure to get enough rest each night and drink lots of water throughout the day (especially if there’s an event where everyone else will be drinking). Self-care activities like daily meditation or yoga can also help distract from cravings while boosting endorphins at the same time. Take this opportunity to try something new like cooking with herbs or learning how to make mocktails—this way, you won’t feel left out while still being able to stick with your goal!

Track Your Progress and Celebrate

Throughout your journey towards success in this challenge, it’s important to track your progress to evaluate which strategies have been most effective for you and which could use improvement upon completion of the monthlong challenge. Additionally, don’t forget to celebrate small successes along the way; when making progress towards achieving long-term goals it is easy for us women to become impatient but we must remember that gradual change is still change! Be sure to reward yourself with non-alcoholic treats throughout the month if you reach certain milestones like cutting down on sugar intake as well!

Think about rewards that will motivate you throughout the month and keep you focused on your goal. It could be something small like buying yourself a new outfit or treating yourself to a spa day after completing the challenge successfully. Having tangible rewards set in place ahead of time will help keep you inspired throughout the month and remind you why this commitment is worth it in the end!


Taking on Dry January may seem daunting but with proper planning and self-care techniques, it can be done successfully! Setting realistic goals, making social plans ahead of time, and taking care of yourself mentally and physically are all important steps toward having a successful dry January experience.

Remember – track your progress but don’t forget to celebrate small successes along the way too!  So gather up your friends (virtually or otherwise) and good luck! This year is yours for conquering any resolution that comes your way!  You can do this!

Have you done dry January in the past?  I’d love to know any success tips you have – leave a comment and let me know!






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