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The Good Chocolate

I admit it — I’m a chocolate lover! However, all chocolate isn’t created equally. I’m always on the look out for delicious but healthier versions of chocolate. I tried The Good Chocolate* and loved it! These bars are organic, vegan, lower in sugar/calories, and keto friendly.

Meal Delivery

Do you ever have those weeks when you don’t have time to cook but still want to eat healthy? I know I do! These are 2 of my favorite meal delivery options for those busy days you don’t have time for meal planning much less grocery shopping.

Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest* can provide you with organic, plant-based, sustainably sourced meals with all the good stuff and none of the bad like fillers, gums, or refined sugars.


Sunbasket* provides organic, easy-to-prepare vegetarian, gluten-free, and diabetes friendly meals delivered to your door.


I love finding non-toxic, innovative, eco-friendly products to use in my home and when I travel — and MightyNest* makes this easy. I really like their Unpaste Tooth Tabs and Hibar Solid Shampoo and Conditioner to use when I’m on the road.


Are you trying to clean up your beauty routine? Aillea is a good source for skincare and beauty products with clean, cruelty-free ingredients.


Looking for an organic mattress to support your healthy lifestyle? Naturepedic* mattresses are made with organic materials but no harmful chemicals which can damage the environment.

Grace and Able

For those of us with arthritis needing joint support, this company makes comfy compression gloves, supportive braces, and breathable brace covers.