What’s A Stress Check-In?

Are you stressed out about stress? Well, you’re not alone!

Let’s look at how to identify when you need to put your focus on addressing stress because it’s negatively impacting your health or goals at that

This is why a stress check-in is really useful. But what is a stress check-in? Basically, it’s a free tool you can regularly use to assess your stress

When should you do a stress check-in?

Optimal stress assessment includes identifying 3 times in your day to regularly check in on your stress. Experts suggest :

  • On waking, when you are brushing your teeth
  • At bedtime,
  • A mid-afternoon point either before lunch or when you may experience energy shifts like 2-3pm.

This schedule is just a suggestion so you revise it to fit your schedule. A starter stress assessment includes one check-in at any point in your day. Ideally, you choose a time when you are suspecting elevated stress or become aware that your body is sending you a stressed-out signal.

How to Do a Stress Check-in?

  • Stop doing other things
  • Answer the following questions
  • On a scale of 1-10 where 1 is the least amount of stress and 10 is the highest, where would you rate your stress?
  • Is your body sending any signals that you are at an elevated stress level — like elevated heart rate, cold clammy skin, anxiety, heartburn, bloating, sweet cravings When to Address Stress?
  • If your stress check-in revealed that you are greater than 6 on the stress scale, it’s essential that you STOP and address your stress until it is a 6 or less.
  • If your stress check-in revealed that you are a 5-6 on the stress scale, it’s a good idea that you take actions to address your stress until it is less than a 5.
  • If your body is sending you any signals that it is in an elevated stress state, it is recommended that you proceed to address your stress until the signal/ symptom lessens.

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