What Does It Mean To Eat A Plant-Based Diet

Now, this does NOT mean everyone should become a vegetarian. What it DOES mean is that we should all make plants the foundation, the base, the largest part of our diets. And the good news is that there are simple ways for all of us to eat more plant-based foods.

3 questions I get asked a lot are:

Q: Where are plants found?
A: Plants are in every one of the four main food groups that provide nutrient balance: Think:

  • Non-starchy & starchy vegetables
  • Legumes (beans!)
  • Grains & Grasses
  • Nuts & Seeds
  • Fruits
  • Herbs & Spices

Q: How do we know plants are good for us?
A: Think about it this way: Almost every animal on the planet consumes plants to be healthier.

Q: Does eating meat cause cancer?
A: The World Health Organization recently released a report that found eating processed meat (like hot dogs, bacon, and ham) raises the risk of colon cancer, and that consuming other red meats “probably” raises the risk as well. That doesn’t mean all meat is off-limits, but it does mean that choosing high-quality meats (think grass-fed and organic) and eating less overall is super-important.

Quick tip! Go ahead and get your grill on if you’re tossing plants on the BBQ. Unlike grilling animal proteins, grilling plants does not produce carcinogens. I like veggie kebabs and homemade veggie burgers on the grill.

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