Better Energy Behaviors

Today I’ll be talking about Better Energy Behaviors for recovery and routine adjustments you can make to improve energy. Better recovery is key to better energy. Three things that can power better recovery are:

  • Nutrients: For recovery, both magnesium and potassium are the minerals that you want to be mindful of, as well as hydration. For example, if I’m used to having water and instead have a latte, I’m going to be having twice the impact because I’m now reducing my hydration and also getting in a stimulant. However, if I’m looking for energy in the middle of the afternoon and make an avocado pudding with natural cacao, I’m getting a little bit of bliss chemical and stimulant, but also a solid dose of magnesium which is going to support recovery.
  • Plants: The nutrients in plants can also empower recovery, with things like adaptogens and antioxidants.
  • Digestion: Improved digestion also drives better recovery, because if your digestive system is inflamed, you won’t be absorbing the nutrients.

Beyond nutrition, what other things affect your energy levels?

  • Storing emotions. We as humans often tend to store emotions versus experiencing them. Stressors build up, and they can truly impact our energy. So if you’re going through something right now, and pushing down those emotions, it might be a sign to focus on feeling those emotions and stop ignoring them in order to channel better energy.
  • The people around you. If you think about how easy it is for viruses like the common cold to spread between people, our energy can equally be as contagious. How often do you spend time around someone who’s a ball of energy, and you leave them feeling better than you did beforehand? Do you breathe differently, do you feel lighter? Or if you’re spending a lot of time with negative Nancy who is constantly complaining, how does that make you feel? Does it drag you down too, or do you feel smaller after spending time around them? Do a check on the energy of the people around you.
  • Exercise. We need to move our energy around in our body, and activity can be a major way to activate energy.
  • Your senses. And finally, what smells, sounds, and sights can shift our energy, both in a positive and negative way. There may be certain things like the smell of lavender, or the sounds of birds chirping that energize you. Or on the other hand, there may be certain smells or sounds that bring you back to traumatic or negative experiences. Take some time to think about senses that energize, you and how you can incorporate those more often into your daily or weekly life.

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  • Susan Taylor, RDN LD

    Meet Susan, registered dietitian / nutritionist and fellow autoimmune warrior who is dedicated to helping women with autoimmune disease get their groove back. With the right diet and lifestyle changes, Susan empowers her clients to take control of their health and feel their best. When she's not busy saving the world you can find Susan strolling along the beach, jet-setting to new destinations, and soaking up quality time with family & friends.