5 Supplements To Take When You Have A Cold

Hi there, today I want to talk about 5 supplements to take when you have a cold.

    Used for centuries to ward off sickness, clinical research demonstrates that elderberry helps support a healthy immune response. Quality elderberry is available in some gummies, syrups, capsules, and teas. You can make your own elderberry syrup too.
    While vitamin C may not help you from first catching a cold, evidence suggests that getting more vitamin C daily might help decrease the duration of cold symptoms – by as much as an 8% reduction in duration of symptoms for adults and 14% in children. Fruits and vegetables are among the best sources of vitamin C!
  • ZINC
    Zinc helps your immune system work better. Without enough zinc, your immune system may not successfully fight off foreign invaders. Eat zinc from cashews, chickpeas, hemp seeds, whole grains, and almonds Lozenges can be helpful for most colds just avoid ones with lots of added sugar. Zinc can interfere with iron absorption so check with your healthcare practitioner if you’re taking an iron supplement or working on improving your iron level.
    A tea, tincture, or capsule may help your immune system. Not all echinacea is created equal, meaning a lot of what is on the market isn’t better so be sure and do your research before taking it.
  • OMEGA-3s
    Immune cells are literally lined with omega fatty acids which are called “essential” because we need to take them in since the body can’t make them itself. Since we need them daily, if you don’t eat these foods regularly you should consider a quality supplemental source.

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