5 Benefits Of Medicinal Mushrooms

Are you drinking mushrooms in your coffee or smoothie, adding them to your supplement routine to help fend off colds, support skin health, and improve sleep or performance?

While definitely not a new thing (some date back before our time), therapeutic mushrooms are making headlines across nutrition categories (food, beverage, supplement) for their well-studied, evidence-based abilities to promote better health.

Today, I want to talk about 5 benefits of medicinal mushrooms.

  • Adaptogens – they help the individual body adapt to stress for better health outcomes including stress reduction, sleep, physical performance, mental focus.
  • Antioxidant activity – which you need daily as everything from normal living, stresses (good and bad), our nutrition choices as well as environmental pollutants can produce free radicals which need to be removed by antioxidants to reduce health risks like chronic inflammation.
  • Immune support – help your body’s army recognize unwanted guests, and wage more effective battles on all fronts. Mushrooms can also help balance an overactive or misdirected immune function.
  • Digestive health – helping to promote healthy digestion and the benefits that come with it like better skin, metabolism, immune health, and energy. Whole powders contain insoluble fiber, prebiotics, and digestive enzymes to optimize gut health and manage inflammation.
  • Mental health support – including recovery from trauma and cognitive decline.

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  • Susan Taylor, RDN LD

    Meet Susan, registered dietitian / nutritionist and fellow autoimmune warrior who is dedicated to helping women with autoimmune disease get their groove back. With the right diet and lifestyle changes, Susan empowers her clients to take control of their health and feel their best. When she's not busy saving the world you can find Susan strolling along the beach, jet-setting to new destinations, and soaking up quality time with family & friends.