3 Tips For Better Energy

Better energy begins the night before.

* Avoid stimulants in the late afternoon and early evening. This includes dark chocolate, teas, and supplements that contain energy-boosting herbs.

* Food gives you energy so stop eating about 2-3 hours before bedtime. and eat a lighter evening meal if you can. This is easier if you have a mid-afternoon snack.

* Try a quality Magnesium supplement for better sleep. Magnesium is Mother Nature’s muscle relaxant so it helps the body physically get ready for great sleep plus since magnesium resides in our cells so it can kick out calcium that enters your cells when you experience stress and that helps you get better sleep as well. Because we don’t want or need energy before bed, a quality supplement of magnesium helps prep the body for better sleep. For more tips subscribe to my channel and hit the notification bell to learn when I post my next video.

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