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Introducing “Thrive Beyond Inflammation” – an exclusive monthly membership curated for remarkable women over forty navigating the challenges of autoimmune and inflammatory issues. Delve into a sanctuary crafted by Susan, a seasoned dietitian with twenty years of specialized experience and an autoimmune warrior herself!


Imagine this: Every month, unwrap a shiny new tool to add to your wellness toolbox, binge-watch our insightful video trainings (popcorn not included), and snag a front-row seat at our exclusive monthly Q&A with Susan. All while chilling with a community that’ll have your back.


Join the waitlist today to be the first to know when the doors swing open! But wait, there’s more!  As a token of appreciation for joining the waitlist and signing up for the membership from the waitlist, you’ll receive an exclusive special bonus!

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Your voyage to thriving beyond inflammation starts here. Don’t miss this chance to embark on a path to a life filled with wellness and vitality. Sign up for the waitlist below and pave your way to a healthier tomorrow! 🌿





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